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To promote the vision statement of Wellington’s comprehensive plan providing accurate, fair, efficient and expeditious code enforcement to the citizens of Wellington. Code compliance will ensure quality development while protecting the health, safety and welfare of all residents through enforcement of Wellington codes and ordinances and property maintenance standards.

To review current cases or past cases click on Code Compliance Cases in the menu or if you would like to submit a complaint, please call 561-753-2560 or code@wellingtonfl.gov.

Code Compliance Links

If You Received a Code Violation

The goal of code compliance is to gain compliance and maintain Wellington’s property maintenance standards and regulations. We do not wish to unduly penalize anyone.  

Take prompt action to correct the violation. If you are not sure what needs to be corrected, how to correct it or, if you are working toward correcting the violation, but need additional time due to special circumstances, it is important that you call the Code Officer to discuss your issues. In most cases additional time will be given if the individual circumstances warrant such an extension.  

Failure to correct violations may result in a case proceeding to the Special Magistrate with the potential for fines being levied; costs incurred being charged and a lien being placed against the property.    

When contacting the Code Compliance Department please have your case number readily available in order to help access your case.  Code Officers are often out in the field but will return voice mails and emails as soon as possible.  

For additional information please visit www.wellingtonfl.gov.

Code Compliance Hotline: 561-753-2560 or email: code@wellingtonfl.gov.

Code Enforcement Zone Map

Code Officers

Please use the map below to find your Code Compliance Zone and Inspector contact information. To view the zone days simply click on the Legend box on the upper left corner of the map window or click anywhere within the map. You may also enter your address in the search box in the upper right corner of the map to zoom into your exact location.

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Brochures on Fence Design, Parking, Property Maintenance and Landscaping

  • Fence Designs  
  • Parking Brochure
  • Property Maintenance Brochure
  • Residential Landscape Guide


Parking Tickets

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Parking Regulations/Tickets

Wellington Code Compliance Officers and Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputies are no longer required to issue a warning ticket for illegally parked vehicles or for commercial and recreation vehicles illegally parked in residential neighborhoods.

As a reminder to residents, Wellington parking standards prohibit the following:

  • Parking a vehicle in a swale
  • Parking a vehicle on a street
  • Parking a vehicle that blocks all or the majority of a sidewalk
  • Overnight parking of a commercial vehicle that is not completely screened in a garage or behind walls and hedges
  • Parking of a recreational vehicle that is not adequately screened

Parking in the street or over a sidewalk reduces the visibility of oncoming traffic to pedestrians and other drivers. This can become a hazard for our children when attempting to cross a street because the driver of the vehicle is unable to see a child dart into the street. Our swales provide the necessary drainage for stormwater runoff so that the streets and yards adjoining them do not become flooded. Parking in the swale causes damage that, over time, creates drainage problems such as standing water, potholes, and driveway cracking.

Wellington also has adopted codes for regulating parking of commercial, recreational and sports vehicles, boats and trailers.

Click here to view Parking Regulations.

Parking tickets carry a penalty of $25.00 for each time a vehicle is ticketed. If there are three or more unpaid tickets, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will not issue a new vehicle registration until all outstanding fines have been paid.

Parking for special neighborhood or individual events can be accommodated without ticketing by prior arrangement. Please call Wellington at (561) 791-4000 for special arrangements.

Nuisance Abatement

In response to the problems associated with vacant properties, the Wellington Council amended the Nuisance Ordinance. Originally, the nuisance code permitted only the abatement of grass height violations. The amended code now includes abatements of vacant properties that have dilapidated structures, including broken windows or doors and /or swimming pools that are unsecured or stagnant. The violations must be clearly visible from the street or an adjoining property, with an owner’s permission to conduct an inspection.

Both grass height and dilapidated structure cases must follow the same procedure as set forth in the code.

  • A first violation notice is issued with a 21 day compliance timeframe.
  • If the violations are not corrected a second violation notice is issued with a 5-15 day compliance timeframe
  • After the compliance date expires on the second notice the property is scheduled to be abated. If not paid, all costs associated with the abatement will be filed as a lien against the property.
  • After the first notice is issued any further violations will receive only the 5-15 day violation notice.

If you have questions concerning a particular property please call 561-753-2560.

Animal Complaints

Animal complaints within the municipal boundaries of Wellington should be referred to the Palm Beach Animal Care and Control Division (561-233-1200), PBC Animal Care.

Leash Law

Palm Beach County Ordinance Chapter 4:

  1. It shall be unlawful for any dog to be off the owner's property unless the dog is under the restraint or control of a person by means of a leash or other device such as a cage, crate or vehicle in accordance with section 4-24.  Exceptions include Law Enforcement, service dogs, off leash designated public spaces, and AKC or similarly recognized shows or competitions.
  2. No person shall tether an animal to a stationary or inanimate object as a means of confinement or restraint unless such person is with the animal and the animal is at all times visible to such person.

Animals Creating a Nuisance

  1. The owner having control or custody of any dog or cat which:
    • Habitually barks, whines, howls or cause other objectionable noise resulting in a serious annoyance to a neighboring resident;
    • Disturbs the peace by habitually or repeatedly destroying, desecrating or soiling public or private property, chasing persons, livestock, cars, or other vehicles, running at large, or other behavior that interferes with the reasonable use and enjoyment of the property; shall be deemed to be committing an act in violation of this section.

Filing a Complaint

Only animal cruelty or animal neglect related offenses will be investigated anonymously.  Please visit Animal Cruelty Complaints

Nuisance animal complaints, the Animal Care and Control Division will investigate nuisance animal complaints upon receipt of two (2) sworn affidavits from two (2) unrelated residents living in separate dwellings in the close vicinity of the alleged violation.  Please contact the Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control Division, 561-233-1200 or visit PBC Animal Care

Helpful Links & Resources

Water Restrictions

Wellington observes the same restrictions as our residents, watering areas throughout the Village by “zone”; days will vary depending on location. In addition, re-use water is utilized whenever available.

For questions regarding watering restrictions or violations, or to report a violation, contact Wellington’s Code Enforcement Department at 753-2560. 

For additional information and FAQ’s, go to the South Florida Water Management District website.


Important Phone Numbers

Code Compliance Manager

Steven Koch
Work#: (561) 753-2534
Fax#: (561) 904-5911
Email: skoch@wellingtonfl.gov

Clerk to the Special Magistrate                       

Elizabeth Merideth 
Work#: (561) 753-2565   
Fax#: (561) 904-5911             
Email: emerideth@wellingtonfl.gov      

Special Magistrates

  • Michael J. Posner, ESQ
  • Alan S. Zangen, ESQ
  • Rafael Suarez-Rivas, ESQ

Requested Phone Numbers

Wellington Code Compliance Hotline
(561) 753-2560
Email: code@wellingtonfl.gov

South Florida Water Management District
(561) 686-8800 / (800) 432-2045

PBC Health Department
(561) 840-4500

Animal Care and Control
(561) 233-1200

Royal Palm Beach Code Enforcement
(561) 790-5138

PBC Code Enforcement
(561) 233-5500

PBSO Non-Emergency
(561) 688-5419

Property Assessment Form/Lien Search

To insure a buyer receives a clear title on the property being purchased, a "Property Assessment Form" must be completed. Failure to do this may result in delays at closing or unpaid balances by the seller being transferred to the buyer or a lien being filed on the property.

Click here for the Property Assessment Form

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