Vegetation Guidelines

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 Bulk Vegetation 2
Vegetation is yard waste resulting from normal reoccurring yearly residential landscape maintenance such as trimming from hedges and bushes, pine needles, palm fronds, small limbs from trees and leaves. It is collected once a week. If you have Automated Vegetation Collection you must place your vegetation in the Green Village provided Vegetation container to have it collected. When your can is full you can then place excess vegetation in a separate pile. 


Please note: As provided by Village Ordinance, the Village is not responsible for the removal of vegetation disposed of in the swale, right-of-way, or edge of pavement by a private landscaping company. 

Residents must obtain a tree removal permit prior to removing a tree and arrange for a private hauler to remove the debris as it is not considered routine yard maintenance 

Only 7 cubic yards of bulk vegetation placed outside of the vegetation container will be collected each week

Vegetative debris that exceeds 6ft in length, 10 inches in diameter or 50 lbs. in weight will not be collected 

All yard waste that can be containerized in a plastic bag/can must be containerized. Small loose items such as leaves, pine needles, hedge trimmings, palm seeds, small fronds, and weeds must be in a container to be collected. 

Grass clippings from residential yards must be containerized or bagged 

Grass from the trimming of Polo Fields are not part of routine yard maintenance and will not be picked up by the hauler

Vegetation must be placed in front of your residence for pick up. Vegetation cannot be placed on vacant lots or major roadway swale areas. 

Sod, dirt, landscaping rocks, pallets and concrete edging  are not considered vegetation and will not be picked up. 

Vegetation will not be collected if:

  • it is mixed with other garbage or trash
  • placed under a utility pole/power line
  • placed on vacant lot or thoroughfare
  • Treelimbs or pieces that exceed ten (10) inches in diameter
  • It is any single piece of vegetation exceeds 6 feet in length or weighs more than 50 pounds
  • It is from a commercial establishment or company

Yard waste does not include tree removal or tree limbs exceeding ten (10) inches in diameter, tree trunks, stumps, root balls, vegetation from lot clearing or vegetation requiring wheeled or tracked machinery for removal. These tasks are not considered routine yard maintenance and residents will have to make their own arrangements for the removal of larger waste materials. The following companies have provided Wellington residents with discounted pickup rates (please call to verify rates prior to scheduling a pickup):

Company Phone Number
Amerigrow (561) 499-8148
Barber Tree Service, Inc. (561) 798-8350
Community Tree & Landscape Service, Inc. (561) 533-0183
Jet Hauling (561) 296-0460
Phoenix Hayes, Inc. (561) 791-8166
Rio-Bak Corporation 561) 791-9721
RKC Land Development, Inc. (561) 791-7866
Waste Management (561) 547-4000

Automated Vegetation Collection:
If you live in an area that participates in the automated vegetation collection program you have been provided with a green automated vegetation can.  Please make sure the following guidelines are being followed to assure collection of your can on a weekly basis.

  • Only vegetation will be collected.  No household garbage should be placed in the can
  • Place loose vegetative debris in the can (no bags)
  • Sod and dirt are not considered vegetation and will not be picked up
  • Vegetative debris that exceeds 6ft in length, 5 inches in diameter or 50 lbs in weight will not be collected
  • Can must be out no earlier that 6pm on the day before collection and by 7am the day of collection
  • Can must be facing the correct direction (arrows on lid pointing towards the street) to be collected
  • Container must be removed from the curb or roadside and stored by 11:00 pm the day of collection.