Debris, Trash & Recycling Removal

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  •  We have resumed normal collection schedule for garbage and recycling bins, residents will continue to receive service on their regularly scheduled collection day.
  • Collection will be limited to items placed in the garbage bin only, please do not put any bagged trash or yard waste curbside on your garbage pick-up day.
  • The timing of your pick up on your collection day may vary from when you normally receive it. Please be patient and allow the Village extra time to complete the routes. We thank you for their patience and understanding.


  • Residential yard waste collections will resume Monday, September 25.
  • Please note that green yard waste carts cannot be used for regular household trash, recycling or hurricane vegetative debris.
  • Collections will begin early. We encourage neighbors to place their green yard waste carts out early or the night before their regularly scheduled collection day. The timing of your pick up on your collection day may vary from when you normally receive it.


  • Bulk trash pickup remains suspended until further notice.


  • VEGETATIVE DEBRIS (whole trees, tree stumps, tree branches, tree trunks and other leafy material)
  • CONSTRUCTION AND DEMOLITION DEBRIS (damaged components of homes, buildings and structures such as lumber and wood, fencing, wall board, glass, metal, roofing materials, tile, furnishings, and fixtures)
  • HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE (materials that are ignitable, reactive, toxic or corrosive such as paints, cleaners, pesticides, etc.) Do not place to the curb at this time. Instructions to be announced.
  • APPLIANCES & WHITE GOODS DAMAGED BY THE STORM (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, heat 
    pumps, ovens, ranges, washing machines, clothes dryers and water heaters)
  • ELECTRONIC WASTE (computers, televisions, office electronic equipment, etc.)

Debris pick up will occur in zones and segregated piles will be picked up first. Failure to separate your debris may cause a delay in removal. Please note that only loose debris will be collected. Bagged debris should not be placed on the public right-of-way and cannot be collected.

Neighbors should continue to use GARBAGE BINS ONLY for food and other household waste. Do not place spoiled food items or other waste in debris piles. Please note that bulk trash collection services remain suspended. NO BAGGED debris or storm debris should be placed in yard waste carts.

Do not place debris on a storm drain or near a water meter vault, fire hydrant or any other above-ground utility. Avoid placing piles on driveways or private paved surfaces. Only debris placed on the public right-of-way will be eligible for collection. Please follow the guidelines on the graphic below which provides a visual overview of the proper method to set debris on the right-of-way. 

Debris Pick Up graphic