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Wellington Announces Reintroduction of Fluoride to Water Supply

Wellington Utilities will reintroduce fluoride into the Village’s drinking water supply by  May 15, 2017. Water plant officials have started the process of reinstalling the fluoridation equipment.
Wellington Council voted unanimously to reintroduce fluoride into the Village’s drinking water supply in June 2016, after hearing from residents and experts. Fluoride is traditionally added to public drinking water systems to prevent tooth decay. Fluoride has been determined to be safe for most people at low dosage rates. It is estimated that 75 percent of US populations served by public drinking water systems have fluoride added to their drinking water.
The Environmental Protection Agency sets standards for the addition of fluoride in public drinking water systems. The current maximum level goal is currently 4.0 mg/l. Fluoride will be added to the Village’s public water supply through the addition of hydrofluosilicic acid to achieve a target dosage level of .7 mg/l as recommended by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The Center for Disease Control monitors the public health benefits and risks of public water fluoridation and have concluded that water fluoridation is both safe and effective.


The 2016 resolution (R2016-42) authorized and directed the reintroduction of fluoride to Wellington’s public drinking water supply and reconstruction of fluoridation facilities.

The 2014 resolution (R2014-09) authorized and directed the elimination of fluoridation of Wellington’s public drinking water supply and removal of existing fluoridation facilities.

The 1999 resolution (R99-105) authorized and directed the installation of the necessary equipment to apply fluoride to the public water supply of Wellington.