The Playground

The ocean themed playground features unique and colorful highlights for kids to explore, including a large Tiger Shark play sculpture, sand castle, sunken pirate ship play area, crab shack, submarine with portholes, obstacle courses, swing sets, shaded areas, and soft, rubberized flooring. Other amenities on site include restroom facilities and water stations, and three rental pavilions with picnic tables.

a sclupture of a shark with playground equipment at Tiger Shark Cove
People using the Pirate Ship playground equipment with other various playground equipment at Tiger Shark COve Park
Entrance to Tiger Shark Cove playground with a sign that reads tiger shark cove
A sitting area for kids to play at with sea creatures on the playground equipment at Tiger Shark Cove
Kid walking around climbing playground equipment at Tiger Shark Cove
Playground equipment including two slides at Tiger Shark Cove
Yellow submarine design on playground equipment at Tiger Shark Cove


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Rental Pavilions at Tiger Shark Cove

There are three rental pavilions available at Tiger Shark Cove Playground, including 2 small pavilions, and one large pavilion. Rental is only required for Saturday or Sunday use. Pavilions can be used Monday through Friday at no cost, on a first come, first serve basis.

For more information visit our Pavilion Rentals page.