Patriot Memorial

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9-11 Memorial

12198 Forest Hill Boulevard 

The Patriot Memorial remembers and honors the nearly three thousand people who died in the terrible attacks on September 11th, 2001 at the World Trade Center, at the Pentagon, and in a quiet field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Over 400 first responders perished heroically that day performing their sworn duty. It is because of these facts that the Wellington Community Foundation, a non-profit organization,and the City of Wellington have chosen to accept the responsibility to commemorate 911, which extends to the family and friends who lost loved ones, to those who survived, and to those people who will come to visit this site.

The Memorial was created for people to come and honor those who died on September 11th and reflect on the humanity of the after effects, and to admire all public safety professionals who have the courage to risk their lives to save others.

The world remembers how we came together in the aftermath of September 11th. This spirit of unity can still be seen in the remarkable support we've already received from private contributors. Our hope is that this Memorial will attest to the powerful and binding relationships we share with one another. Fundraising for this project is still underway. Please join us in this historic endeavor.

Interested in becoming a Sponsor? Contact Susan Trzepacz at (561) 791-4134 or, or Chris Macfarlane at (561) 753-2422 or for more information.


Donations have been received by

  • Source One Distributors, Mark Llano
  • Wellington Business Center, Guy Mancini
  • Darell Bowen
  • Jeannie and Hunter Harrison
  • Frank and Herta Suess
  • Professional Firefighters/Paramedics Benevolent Fund, Inc.
  • International Polo
  • Bethesda Healthcare System, Inc.
  • Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund and Great Charity Challenge