Tax Bill FAQs

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  • Why do I see Wellington Solid Waste AND Solid Waste Authority of PBC on my bill?

    Wellington Solid Waste assesses for the collection and transportation of all waste and recycling for its customers.   The Solid Waste Authority (SWA) of Palm Beach County assesses for the disposal of all waste.
    For more information the county SWA, please visit

     NOTICE OF PUBLIC DISCLOSURE-Solid Waste 2018-19

  • What is the Acme Improvement District that appears on my tax bill?

    The Acme Improvement District (AID) is a dependent special district originally created by the Florida legislature in 1953 to provide drainage, water management, and infrastructure development in western Palm Beach County.  

    Special Districts are unlike municipalities and counties in that some of them, including Acme, collect revenue from non-Ad Valorem assessments. This means that the amount of the assessment is not based on the value of the property. Assessments are unit-based and paid solely by landowners benefiting from the services that Acme provides.  

    The number of units is based on the amount of land owned using the following table:

          Parcel Size       
     Up to 1.49 Acres
     1.50-2.49  2
     2.50-3.49  3
     3.50-4.49  4

  • How is my Taxable Value calculated?

    The taxable value of a property is its assessed value less any exemptions.  Exemptions may include Homestead, Veterans, Senior, Agricultural or other state and local exemptions.
  • What is a millage rate?

    The millage rate is the ad valorem property tax rate levied per $1,000 of a property’s taxable value.  The rate is expressed in mills, which is equal to 0.1 percent of the taxable value.  Each taxing authority adopts a millage rate each year that appears on the property tax bill.  To calculate the tax levy using a given millage rate, the formula is:

       Taxable Value   



       $ Ad Valorem Tax  


    For example, a Wellington property with an assessed value of $350,000 and exemptions of $50,000 has a taxable value of $300,000.  The ad valorem property tax for Wellington would then be:


    2.48 mills