On March 22, 2016, the Palm Beach Board of County Commissioners (BCC) approved a plan for a one-cent infrastructure surtax, no more than ten years, with oversight committees, for the County, School Board and the Municipalities.  The distribution will by 50% for the School Board, 30% for the County, and 20% to be distributed to the Municipalities.  

Wellington’s Council approved Resolution R2016-30 supporting the placement of the one-cent sales tax (surtax) referendum on the November 8, 2016 general election ballot for consideration by voters.  

The total revenue for Wellington during the 10 year term is estimated to be between $32.9 million and $38.8 million.  The annual distribution to Wellington is estimated to be approximately $3.3 million.  The proposed one cent sales surtax, if approved by voters, would begin January 1, 2017.  The first distributions to Wellington would begin in late March 2017.

The surtax revenues and projects are not included in Wellington’s proposed Fiscal Year 2017 budget. If the surtax is approved by voters, Wellington will amend its budget to include the expected annual revenue generated by the surtax and the associated project expenditures.

Comprehensive overall information on the one cent sales surtax is available at:  http://onecountyonepenny.org/.  There are interactive links with detailed lists of project information.

Palm Beach County Surtax Total Allocation Schedule

Wellington’s Proposed Project List

Wellington Resolution Approving Surtax Referendum