Civics 101

  • Civics 101 is designed to provide local high school student with an overview of how municipal governments operate. Students are able to attend three sessions that cover (1) Meeting the departments, an overview of what roles and responsibilities each segment of the Village is responsible for; (2) Meeting who keeps us safe, an opportunity to view a presentation from both the Sheriff’s Department as well as the Fire Department; and (3) Meeting the elected officials, a chance to ask questions about the day to day functions of an elected official.

Fire Prevention Informational Session

  • Children ages 8-10 are lead through a discussion on the harms of playing with fire, what steps to follow if you are in a house fire and the proper procedure to help someone who may be in a house fire. The final component allows students to try on fire suits and other protective equipment as well as a tour of the fire rescue truck.

Drug Prevention Informational Session

  • Teenagers from the Village were presented with information on the harms of drugs, the proper procedure to help someone who may be in danger of an overdose and information on the Good Samaritan Act, which states that a person contacting 911 in reference to drug related overdose or need of medical assistance, will be granted immunity from prosecution. The session ended with students playing a game of twister with goggles that alters their vision as if they were under the influence of drugs.

Professional Opportunities Program for Students (POPS) 

  • The mission of POPS is to provide personal and professional development for teenagers who face social, economic or environmental barriers that may impact the quality of their lives.
  • The goal of the POPS Program is to prepare the student for future success. POPS’ work is rooted in collaboration among students, parents, schools, and community and business leaders. The Village’s first group of ten students was chosen equally from Palm Beach Central and Wellington High schools. Students and parents pledge to follow the objectives of the program to ensure success. Students of the program are afforded opportunities to travel to various college campuses and gain insight about areas of study and college life.


  • Community Services launched a free tutorial service for students K-12 who reside in the Village. Tutoring sessions are provided weekly from 4:00 to 5:00 at the Community Services Office. The sessions are staffed by volunteers who are well-rounded retired teachers and college professors. Students are provided with the opportunity to be assisted with homework and subjects such as math, English, reading, writing, social studies and science.

3 on 3 Basketball League

  • A free 3 on 3 basketball league was held in conjunction with the Neil S. Hirsch Boys and Girls Club. The top winners in each age range were invited to play a game against Palm Beach County Fire Rescue with Community Policing Deputies acting as coaches for the kid’s team.

Gang Resistance and Education Training for Students (G.R.E.A.T)

  • By partnering with Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, local fourth and fifth grade students have been offered Gang Resistance and Education Training (G.R.E.A.T). The G.R.E.A.T. elementary curriculum consists of six, 30-45 minute.  Each lesson is accompanied by a parent letter that the student takes home explaining the lesson and encouraging parent-student interaction. After, the final component of the G.R.E.A.T Program student will have a graduation ceremony to display the skills that they have acquired throughout the six weeks.

Gang Resistance and Education Training for Parents

  • By partnering with Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office parents of students currently in the G.R.E.A.T program were invited to attend an informational session. Parents were educated on facts about gangs, the reasons why young people join gangs, and how to recognize gang membership or affiliation.  The facilitator Marcia of the Palm Beach County Sheriff Office also educated parents on what role as parents they can play to combat gangs. Parents were granted the opportunity to ask questions pertaining to gangs.

Bicycle Assistance Program

  • In partnership with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and Wheels of Wellington, staff has developed a program utilizing bicycles from the Sheriff’s office that were lost, stolen and never claimed which are taken to Wheels of Wellington to be refurbished. Once they are refurbished they are given to children in need residing in our Multi-Family neighborhoods. Since the inception of the program, residents understanding the need in the community have begun dropping off used bicycles their families no longer need to be utilized in the program. Helmets have been donated by the Sheriff’s office and a private donor, Rosemary Holmes which are given to the children upon receipt of their new bike.

Partnership With Palm Beach County Library Wellington Branch

  • Staff provided referrals to two recent Palm Beach County Wellington Branch Library Programs; Career Transition, which is designed to provide tools to young adults who are ready to look for employment, topics include: building resumes, cover letters, interviewing skills and career path assessments and the Learning Express program which is designed to help students with entrance exams into secondary education.