Neighborhood Services

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Safe Neighborhood initiatives work to strengthen neighborhoods by encouraging residents to become an active participant in preserving the community. The programs and initiatives that make up the Safe Neighborhoods concept identify social and economic factors that contribute to neighborhood decline while developing a set of strategies that actively work to reinvest in public and private infrastructure, engage and educate residents and promote a safe family neighborhood orientation. The following programs are designed to achieve these goals.

  • Build a structure to maintain communication among Wellington, organizations, residents and neighborhoods to create positive perceptions of neighborhoods Unite neighborhoods through community groups, forums, services, education and outreach programming
  • Work with Community Oriented Policing to implement an action plan and use law enforcement data to analyze trends in neighborhoods Support the development of infrastructure and neighborhood improvements, including road closures, road paving, fencing, sidewalks and lighting
  • Develop community partnerships including the Citizens Volunteer Organization; crime watch groups; County non-profit organizations such as Paint Your Heart Out; homeowners associations; religious organizations and local chambers of commerce
  • Improve neighborhood beautification through clean-up events organized by non-profit groups, residents and organizations

The success of Wellington's Safe Neighborhood initiative is built upon the foundation of strong partnerships. Wellington is working with residents, the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, Wellington staff, community advocates, community outreach groups and non-profit organizations in a joint effort to preserve the hometown character of our neighborhoods. We are working together to implement strategies of prevention, deterrence, and prosecution aimed at stopping criminal offenders from victimizing residents.


  • Significantly reduce violence and criminal activity in multi-family neighborhoods
  • Encourage residents to become engaged and work together to increase resident awareness
  • Create neighborhood crime watch programs in all areas
  • Aggressively promote the message that all violent crime will meet strict enforcement and swift, certain punishment
  • Promote public safety and education in Wellington's communities



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