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1. What is the Great Neighborhoods Grant?
2. How long does it take to complete the program?
3. Can I receive assistance for a project that has been completed on my home?
4. Can I have other project(s) going on when apply for this program?
5. Do I get to pick the products or brands for my desired project?
6. Do I hire the contractor?
7. Can I apply for impact windows?
8. What documents are required for the application?
9. What if I have a code case on my property?
10. Is there a financial obligation?
11. Is there an application fee?
12. Why is there a 10% contingency?
13. Does the contractor receive progress payments?
14. Can I finance my payment portion?
15. What loan documents will I be signing?
16. Can I apply if I have already participated in a previous Great Neighborhoods Grant or Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) ?
17. What if my property is in a Trust ?
18. What if I sell my home during my 5-year loan with the Village?
19. How long does it take to review the grant application?
20. What if I submit the wrong paperwork or not up-to-date documents in the application?
21. What types of documents can I upload?
22. Can I drop out of the program?
23. What are the approved projects?
24. Can I apply if I own rental properties?
25. What browser can I use?
26. Do I need to provide all pages of my Tax Form?
27. Can I provide one year of tax return documents?
28. What if I am missing part or all of my income tax documents?
29. What if I am self-employed?
30. Does this grant cover landscaping?
31. Does this grant cover tree removals and replacement?
32. Do I hire a consultant?
33. What kinds of forms of identification count for my kids under 18 years old?