Local Business Tax FAQs

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  • I am over 65 years of age, applied for, and was granted the over-age exemption and received a renewal. What am I supposed to do with it?

    If a senior citizen over 65 meets certain requirements; they are exempt from paying the Local Business Tax. However they still need the Local Business Tax Receipt, but do not pay the tax. Mail the renewal notice to Wellington Village Hall to validate the renewal at $0.00 and the actual license will be sent back to you. The Local Business Tax Receipt will not show as renewed until we validate it. If you are doing any type of business that requires back up documentation, such as a State or local license, (contractor, etc.) you must send a current copy with your renewal.
  • My business is a not for profit entity, do I need a Local Business Tax Receipt?

    Pursuant to Florida Statutes, Chapter 205.192, non-profit corporations are not required to obtain a County Local Business Tax Receipt. A Wellington Local Business Tax Receipt is required, but no fee is charged.
  • I will be charging sales tax for my services. How do I obtain a sales Tax number?

    Contact the Florida Department of Revenue for SALES TAX INFORMATION or via telephone at 954-467-4200 or 561-640-2800.
  • I am using a fictitious name (D/B/A). How do I register it with the State Of Florida?

    If you are using a Fictitious Name, you must have that name registered with the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations. Filing for a fictitious name is done through the Divisions of Corporations. Applications are available on-line at www.sunbiz.org .
  • How much does a Local Business Tax Receipt cost?

    The taxes are based on the business category, ranging from $100.00 to $2,500.00. Some classifications determine the tax by the number of employees, number of seats, inventory at cost, number of merchandise machines, rental units, etc.

    • How long does it take to get a Local Business Tax Receipt?

    Local Business Tax Receipts are issued within 3 to 5 business days, upon presentation of the application and any pertinent documentation that may be required, such as proof of State Licensing, if required, if the nature of your business is regulated by State or Local certification.

  • Which one do I get first- The Wellington Local Business Tax Receipt or The County Local Business Tax Receipt?

     The County application is required to be submitted as part of Wellington's application. Upon intake Zoning will review the application for compliance with Wellington Land Regulations (LDR) for the "use" at the proposed location. If approved staff will sign-off on the County application, process and issue the Wellington Local Business Tax Receipt and mail it and the approved County application to the applicant.

  • Why do I need a Wellington Local Business Tax Receipt and a county Local Business Tax Receipt?

    A local business tax shall grant the privilege of engaging in or managing all businesses, professions, or occupations within the village’s jurisdiction. 

    Business Tax Receipts are issued by the Tax Collector’s Office for the privilege of operating a business in Palm Beach County.

  • Is Wellington’s Local Business Tax Receipt, all that I need?

    No. Depending on the type of business or profession, and the location of your business, you may need State, Professional and County Licenses.
  • I am 65 years of age, how do I apply for an exempt Local Business Tax Receipt?

    Customers over 65 years of age must meet the following criteria:

    • Must be a resident of Wellington Must show proof of age
    • Must use his/her own capital, with no more than $1,000 invested in starting the business (must sign an affidavit attesting to this fact)
    • Must have no more than one employee or helper
    • Must complete the Local Business Tax Receipt Application
  • If I have a Local Business Tax Receipt and move to a new location, change business name or ownership, do I need a new Local Business Tax Receipt?

    Yes. You must submit a new application anytime you make one of the above changes.

    All local business tax receipts may be transferred to a new owner when there is a bona fide sale of the business upon payment of a transfer fee of 10% of the annual business tax, not less than $3.00 or more than $25.00, (205.033(2), Florida Statutes) and presentation of evidence of the sale and the original receipt. Upon written request and presentation of the original receipt, any receipt may be transferred from one location to another within the village upon payment of transfer fee of ten percent of the annual local business tax not less than $3.00 or more than $25.00

  • How do I renew my Local Business Tax Receipt?

    Renew by mail or in person at our office at 12300 Forest Hill Blvd, Wellington, FL 33414 or pay on-line using Click2gov. If mailing your renewal, please mail to: Attention: Business Tax Receipt, 12300 Forest Hill Blvd, Wellington, FL 33414

  • How do I apply for Wellington’s Local Business Tax Receipt?

    Applications for Wellington’s Local Business Tax Receipt are obtained at 12300 Forest Hill Blvd, Wellington, FL 33414, or you may download the appropriate application (PDF). Please note: The application must be submitted in person to our office at 12300 Forest Hill Blvd, Wellington, FL 33414. You may send in a representative if you are unable to come in yourself.
  • Do I need more than one Local Business Tax Receipt?

    You will need one (1) Local Business Tax Receipt for each location you are operating your business from and for each classification of business you are conducting.
  • When do I need a Wellington Local Business Tax Receipt?

     Any person doing business within the village’s jurisdiction needs a Wellington Local Business Tax Receipt. Businesses will also need to obtain a county license from Palm Beach County Tax Collector. The Local Business Tax Receipt is a tax imposed for the privilege of doing business in both the municipality and the county in which the business is located. Any person who provides merchandise, entertainment, or services to the public, even if only a one-person company or home-based business, must obtain a Local Business Tax Receipt to operate.