In the interest of Public Safety, the GIS Division is constantly maintaining the addresses throughout Wellington. Any address falling out of sequence, having an incorrect apartment\suite number, placement of odd\even number on the wrong side of the road, etc. can cause a potential delay in emergency response time.

Wellington’s Exempt Signs Code (LDR 7.14.8.I 1 & 2), provides that “approved numbers or addresses shall be provided for all new and existing buildings so that the numbers or address is plainly legible from the street or roadway;” and the Village recognizes that readily finding the proper location is vital to providing police, fire or medical emergency services. A uniform system of street naming and numbering will facilitate and enhance the smooth operation of an E 9-1-1 Emergency Number System.    

Please help us keep you safe by reporting all addressing issues to or calling (561) 791-4000 and ask to speak to the GIS Division.