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Planning & Zoning Forms & Applications Request

  1. Intake Meeting Requirement
    Per Section 5.2.2.D of the LDR, all applications that require public meetings/hearings and all Site Plans/Amendments shall be required to schedule an In-take meeting to submit the applications. The applicant shall review one (1) full set of documents with the DM prior to the electronic submittal. This can be in the form of an in-person meeting, email, drop-box, GoTo meeting, etc., as determined by the DM. Once the intake meeting has occurred, the DM will notify the applicant, via email, if the application is sufficient to upload and submit. The applicant MUST upload the approval email/correspondence from the DM when submitting the application. If an application is not sufficient for submittal, it will be returned to the applicant, in its entirety, for corrections and a new in-take meeting will be required.

    Please Contact Jennifer Fritz at 561-753-2511 to schedule an In-take Meeting with your assigned DM. If you do not have a DM, one will be assigned at that time and notified of the In-take request.
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    To request Planning and Zoning Forms, Applications, and Documents please provide your email address and select desired form or forms below. Feel free to call the Planning and Zoning Department at 561-791-4000 with any questions.
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