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Planning & Zoning Forms & Applications Request

  1. Intake Meeting Requirement

    All Planning and Zoning Development Applications that require a certification by a Development Review Manager (DM) are required to schedule an Intake Meeting to submit the application. If the application is not sufficient for review, the application will not be accepted. If the application is sufficient, the application will be taken in and the review process will begin.

    Please Contact Jennifer Fritz at 561-753-2511 to schedule an In-take Meeting with your assigned DM. If you do not have a DM, one will be assigned at that time and notified of the In-take request.

  2. Request Planning & Zoning Forms, Applications & Documents

    To request Planning and Zoning Forms, Applications, and Documents please provide your email address and select desired form or forms below. Feel free to call the Planning and Zoning Department at 561-791-4000 with any questions.

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