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Manure Bin Inspection

  1. Is there a Manger/Agent we should contact to schedule the inspection?

  2. Are the barns occupied during the months of May through October?

  3. Is an escort required during the inspection?

  4. Select Inspection Time*

  5. The livestock waste structure must be empty for the inspection to be completed. If your barn is occupied during the summer we will work with you to accomplish the inspection. If you have additional questions or concerns please contact us at: 561-791-4000 or send an email.

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    Please be advised that Wellington is a public entity subject to Florida’s broad public records law under Chapter 119, Florida Statutes. Most written communications, including email addresses, to or from Wellington employees and elected officials regarding city business are public records and are available to the public and the media upon request. Your email communications may therefore be subject to public disclosure. If you do not want your email address to be subject to disclosure as a public record, please do not send electronic mail to Wellington. Instead, contact the city by telephone at 561-791-4000.

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