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Livestock Waste Storage Structure Inspection

  1. Is this inspection to clear a Property Assessment note?
  2. Ag Certified Property?
  3. Site Data
  4. Inspections may be performed Mondays through Fridays. Morning inspections will be performed between 8:00 and 12:00, afternoon inspections will be performed between 1:00 and 4:00. Traditional structures must be empty for the inspection. Dumpsters/roll off containers and the like must be upon their required pad. Provided/required covers must be in place.
  5. The inspection requires no escort. The inspector will arrive in a Village of Wellington vehicle, enter the site, drive directly to the livestock waste storage area, conduct a physical inspection and take a photo. The contact provided in the inspection request will receive an email confirming the inspection was conducted. The email will outline if the livestock waste storage structure is in compliance or is in violation of the requirements of the code, the violations will be outlined.
  6. Livestock Waste Storage Structure(s)
    Traditional Structure(s)
  7. Sloped floor
  8. 2 inch curb
  9. Cover
  10. Meets required separations from water bodies, potable water wells, drainage easements/outfalls, property setbacks
  11. Walls and floors of the structure must be maintained watertight, free of cracks/breaks/holes and deteriorated mortar joints. Please inspect the empty structure and repair as needed prior to requesting inspection.
  12. Dumpster/Rolloff/Rolling Trash Container
  13. Concrete or asphalt pad with 2 inch curb for each container
  14. Placement meets required separations from water bodies, potable water wells, drainage easements/outfalls, property setbacks
  15. Dumpsters, roll off containers and containers similar to regular trash and landscape waste containers are permitted provided they are located the same as a traditional structure and are placed within an existing livestock waste storage structure or upon a concrete or asphalt slab(s) with a minimum 2 inch curb around the perimeter and are serviced by a registered livestock waste hauler.
  16. Disclaimer
    Please be advised that Wellington is a public entity subject to Florida’s broad public records law under Chapter 119, Florida Statutes. Most written communications, including email addresses, to or from Wellington employees and elected officials regarding city business are public records and are available to the public and the media upon request. Your email communications may therefore be subject to public disclosure. If you do not want your email address to be subject to disclosure as a public record, please do not send electronic mail to Wellington. Instead, contact the city by telephone at 561-791-4000.
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