How will these new regulations be enforced and when?

Code Compliance Department will be enforcing the regulations with particular attention to fence setbacks first. As time progresses, hedge height and materials will be enforced. If a property has a non-conforming hedge material that is kept in good condition as required by the LDR, then the property owner may apply for an Alternative Material request with the Architectural Review Board (ARB).  

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1. When does this Ordinance take effect?
2. Why was this ordinance passed?
3. What happens if I need to remove a tree to install a new fence?
4. How will these new regulations be enforced and when?
5. How does this affect me?
6. What are the five (5) required hedges along Wellington’s thoroughfares and why were they chosen?
7. What if I abut a thoroughfare and don’t have a fence or hedge?
8. At what height do hedges on thoroughfare have to be?
9. What can I do if my hedge is not one of the required hedge material?
10. What are the new hedge regulations?
11. Where can I get more information for fence types, color, and materials?
12. What are the new maintenance regulations?