What are the approved projects?
  • Repair/Replacement of Roof and can include: repair/install rain gutters, downspouts, and splash blocks
  • Repair existing interior and/or exterior walls due to roof damage 
  • Repair insulation due to roof leak    
  • Repair/Replace Electrical Panel Boxes and/or electrical wiring
  • Repair/Replace Failing Plumbing Fixtures   
  • Repair/Replace HVAC System
  • Install Hurricane Hardening Storm Panels    
  • Tree Removal that must be damaging to the roof or walls of the home
  • Install/Repair Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors    
  • Repair/Replace Water Heater
  • Extermination of Vermin/Termites

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1. How long does it take to complete the program?
2. Can I receive assistance for a project that has been already completed on my home?
3. What documents are required for the application?
4. Can I have another project(s) going on when I apply for this program?
5. Do I hire the contractor?
6. Do I get to pick the products or brands for my desired project?
7. Can I apply if I have already participated in a previous Great Neighborhoods Grant or Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)?
8. What if my property is in a Trust?
9. What types of documents can I upload?
10. What are the approved projects?
11. Does this grant cover tree removal and replacement?
12. Does this grant cover landscaping?
13. What if I am self-employed?
14. What if I sell my home during my 7-year loan with the Village?
15. Can I refinance my home after the project has been completed?