What documents are required for the application?

Examples of required documents for the application include, but are not limited to:
Remember to redact any personal information on the submitted documents. All documents collect become public records.

Financial Institution Account Information:

•Property Deed

•Valid forms of identification for all members living in the household over the age of eighteen (18)

•Copies of the three most recent years of signed income tax (IRS) Documents (1040, 1098, all schedules) including W-2 forms and 1099 statements for all household members over the age of eighteen (18).

•Copies of the three most recent months of information for all household members. (checking, savings, IRA, stocks, bonds, etc) Example: If you apply in the month of May, please provide May, April, and March statements.

•Copies of interest/dividend income over $100 annually

Housing Expenses


•Homeowners Insurance

•Real Estate Tax  


•Gas and/or Oil      (if applicable) 


Verification of Income

•Payroll stubs, tips, wages


•Child support

•Social Security


•Social Security Disability Insurance

•Government Assistance

•Unemployment Benefits


•Auto Loans/Lease

•Credit Cards

•Personal Loans

•Department stores

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