Why now? Why the Summer implementation?

The months of August and September are historically the slowest months of the year (few leagues, no summer camp, many players are away) and this gives us the best chance for our players (and the staff) to learn the system. Should there be any initial glitches, we have ample courts available to address any issues and not inconvenience anyone. Our goal is that as we get busier on the courts, more players will be comfortable and confident in using the system.

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1. Can I use this system if I am not a passholder?
2. I'm terrible with computers, how will I learn to do this?
3. I still don't want to use my computer/mobile device...
4. What if I don't know who I am playing with, but want a court just in case?
5. How do I find the names of my playing partners?
6. Can guests make reservation requests like passholders and be given courts earlier?
7. When I request a time, am I confirmed for that time?
8. I like to play longer than 1 1/2 hours, can I request multiple times?
9. That stinks! (The previous answer). I like to play multiple times as long as I want...
10. Do I have to book my team practice or lessons online now?
11. What times are available?
12. Can I start early or play later if the court is open before or after my reserved time?
13. Can I request a specific court?
14. Do we still need to check in at the front desk?
15. Why now? Why the Summer implementation?