What are the different types of tests?
  • PCR (polymerase chain reaction) is used to diagnose people who are currently infected with the virus.  This is performed by a nasal swab.  Results are available in 5-7 days. This site is performing PCR testing
  • Antibody or “IgG” testing is used to detect previous infection, not current infections.  This test is performed using a standard blood test.  Results are available in 3-5 days.  This site is not offering antibody testing.  FDA-approved Testing can be performed at Premier Family Health by going to www.mypremiertelemed.com/covidtest, or by contacting your regular healthcare provider.
  • “Rapid” Tests are used to detect current and prior infections.  This test is performed by a finger prick for a blood sample.  Results are available within minutes.  This site is not performing rapid testing; available tests have questionable accuracy.

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1. What is COVID-19 aka Coronavirus?
2. What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?
3. Who can get Coronavirus?
4. How is the virus transmitted?
5. How can the illness be prevented?
6. What are the different types of tests?
7. Which test is offered here?
8. Is this test FDA approved?
9. Which lab is being used for this test?
10. Is this tested covered by insurance or is there a cost for this test?
11. Who should be tested?
12. Can I come if I am sick?
13. If I have COVID now, can I come to be tested again?
14. If I had COVID and then tested negative, should I test again?
15. How do I get tested?
16. What do I need to bring to my appointment?
17. What is the schedule for testing?
18. How long will the test take?
19. Is the test painful?
20. How long will the test results take?
21. How will I be notified of my results?
22. What if my test is positive?
23. What about immunity?