What is Wellington’s Equestrian Preserve Committee?

Wellington's Equestrian Preserve Committee was established by Resolution 2000-36 to advise Wellington's Planning, Zoning and Adjustment Board about land use decisions within the Equestrian Preserve Area (EPA). The Committee consists of seven residents who reside in the EPA and are involved in equestrian activities or businesses. The powers and duties of the Equestrian Preserve Committee are to provide advice, upon the request of the Village Council, about the following matters:

  • Protecting and preserving land in the EPA as an equestrian
  • The safety of riders and animals
  • Flooding and drainage in the EPA
  • Comprehensive Plan Amendments and Land Development Regulations as they apply to the EPA
  • Preparing an annual report for the Village Council recommending the need for any equestrian-related projects in the Capital Improvement Plan
  • Making recommendations about the design and/or configuration of equestrian capital projects to the Village Council

Additional Information

For more information about Wellington's Boards and Committees, including the application to serve on an advisory board, visit our Equestrian Preserve Committee page.

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