Hometown Repair Program Documents for Application Checklist

This information is intended to help you properly and accurately complete the application process. Please read this checklist in its entirety and provide all applicable information with your completed application.

  • Copy of the property deed
  • Valid forms of identification for all household members over the age of eighteen (18) residing in the household
  • Copies of the three most recent years of signed income tax (IRS) documents (1040, 1098, all schedules) including W-2 forms and 1099 statements. If self-employed, include year-to-date Profit and Loss statement and last four quarterly tax payment documents
  • Copies of the three most recent months of information:(Checking, savings, IRA, stocks, bonds, etc.)
  • Copies of interest/dividend income over $100 annually
  • Mortgage
  • Homeowner’s Insurance  
  • Real Estate Tax  
    If needed, please contact the Tax Collector’s office to obtain a copy
  • Water/Sewer/Trash        
    the bill must be in the name of the applicant and/or co-applicant
  • Gas and/or Oil (If applicable)
  • Electricity
  • Flood Insurance
    if the property is in a Special Flood Hazard Area
  • Payroll Stubs, Tips, Wages or a letter of unemployment (if applicable for any or all household members over the age of eighteen (18)
  • Alimony (if applicable)
  • Child Support (if applicable) 
  • Social Security (if applicable) 
  • Pension (if applicable) 
  • Social Security Disability Insurance (if applicable)
  • Government Assistance (if applicable) 
  • Unemployment Benefits (if applicable) 
  • Auto Loans/Lease (if applicable) 
  • Credit Card statements
  • Personal Loans