Hometown Repair Program Approved Projects List

Eligible Repairs

  • Repair/Replacement of Roof and can include: repair rain gutters, downspouts, and splash blocks
  • Repair damaged interior and/or exterior existing walls 
  • Repair insulation due to roof leak    
  • Repair/Replace Electrical Panel Boxes and/or electrical wiring
  • Repair/Replace Failing Plumbing Fixtures   
  • Repair/Replace Failing HVAC System
  • Install Hurricane Hardening Storm Panels, if the home does not already have storm protection.   
  • Tree Removal that must be damaging to the roof or walls of the home
  • Install/Repair Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors    
  • Repair/Replace Failing Water Heater
  • Extermination of Vermin/Termites

Ineligible repairs include, but are not limited to: work on other buildings on the property not considered the primary residence (i.e. detached garage, sheds, and barns) or the repair or replacement of non-essential items (hot tubs, swimming pools, impact windows, paint, items that are beyond the minimum requirements of the building code, etc.).