Solid Waste Guidelines


2 Days/Week

  • Garbage must be out no later than 7:00 AM on the collection day, and no earlier than 6:00 PM the day before collection. This timeframe also extends to recycling and vegetation containers.  

    Garbage cans must face the correct way (wheels and handle closest to house). Requirements extend to vegetation containers.

  • Garbage can must not contain any vegetation.

  • Garbage cans must not weigh more than 50lbs.

  • Only garbage that is inside the gray wheeled, automated container with lid arrows pointed towards the street will be collected twice a week.

  • Any bagged garbage or larger items outside of the can will be collected on your bulk pick-up day. Please see the Bulk Trash section of this brochure for additional information.

  • Lightweight waste such as scraps of paper, plastic cups, styrofoam thrown into a container will be blown away during dumping.  Please place such items in sealed plastic bags prior to placement in the container.

  • Place your container within 3 feet of the curb and at least 4 feet from mailboxes, other containers and recycling bins.

  • Container must be removed from the curb or roadside and stored by 11 PM the day of collection. Requirements extends to recycling and vegetation containers.

  • Containers kept outside must be screened from view per Village Ordinance. Requirements extends to recycling and vegetation containers.

  • Any trash, or container, must be placed in front of the originating property.
    Your container can hold materials that protrude from the top of the container, but no material can be placed on top of the lid and items should not exceed 6ft in length.

  • Please DO NOT place any liquids, paints, certain batteries, propane tanks, explosives or corrosives in your container.  These items are prohibited because they can cause property damage or equipment damage or injury to collection personnel.  Residents can be held responsible for any damage or injury resulting from placement of these items in a container.  Please call 791-4003 if you are not sure about an item.

  • Containers will remain cleaner and more sanitary if all waste is placed in trash bags before placement in the container and the container is rinsed out regularly.

  • Please remember that the automated container is the property of the Village of Wellington and cannot be painted, abused, or modified in any way. The container can’t be removed from the premises and must be left for the next resident.

  • Holiday trash schedule: garbage is collected throughout the year with the exception of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.