Restaurant Requirements Temporary Outdoor Seating

In accordance with the latest Governor’s Executive Order, Wellington has launched the Restart Wellington recovery plan, which temporarily allows restaurants to expand their business footprint on sidewalks and parking facilities without meeting certain Village code and permit requirements. Emergency Order Number 5 specifies requirements for business within the Village.

Updated May 11, 2020

This information is subject to change, based on future Governor and County Emergency Orders. Please continue to check back for updates. 

Requirements for ALL restaurants

  • Must comply with CDC guidelines.
  • Indoor capacity limited to 25% of building occupancy, which includes staff personnel.
  • All indoor and outdoor seating must be spaced at least six feet apart.
  • Use disposable paper menus.
  • Provide easily accessible sanitizer for patrons and employees.
  • It is strongly encouraged to implement contactless ordering and payment processes.
  • All restaurants are encouraged to use a reservation process to prevent capacity issues.
  • Facial coverings must be worn by “front of house” staff members who interact with customers.
  • Limit contact with dining guests by reducing the number of visits wait staff make to each table.
  • All restaurant patrons must be SEATED at a table (not at the bar). If tables are filled, the patrons must leave the establishment. Lingering and loitering at the entrance of an establishment is prohibited.
  • Complete the Application for Temporary Outdoor Seating for Restaurants.

Requirements for ALL outdoor seating for restaurants

  • Temporary outdoor seating is permitted for restaurants only.
  • Wellington approval is required for all outdoor seating not previously approved.
  • Outdoor seating is only allowed for restaurants licensed by the PBC Health Department and with a valid Wellington Business Tax Receipt for a restaurant. 
  • Do not block entrances/exits to building and ensure approved fire access is maintained.
  • The owner’s consent should be obtained for all outdoor seating not previously approved by the Village.

Specific requirements for the following types of outdoor seating

Existing Approved Outdoor Seating

  • Wellington approval is not required if seating is not expanded beyond approved outdoor seating areas.
  • Only temporary wash stations and hand sanitizing stations or stations for staff set up and service are permitted outdoors.
  • Maintain ADA circulation (min. 36” wide)

Temporary Outdoor Seating – Sidewalks or areas in front of Restaurant 

  • Wellington approval is required for outdoor seating. Please contact Wellington for information regarding specific approval process.
  • Maintain ADA circulation (min. 36” wide)
  • Provide barrier if seating adjacent to travel lanes/driveways
  • Service stations are not permitted in outdoor seating.
  • Open space utilized for outdoor seating shall be around the building and/or within close proximity of 100 ft. to the restaurant entrances/point of service.
  • Landscaping shall not be removed or damaged.

Temporary Outdoor Seating – Parking Lots

  • Wellington approval is required for outdoor seating. Please contact Wellington for information regarding specific approval process.
  • Do not utilize or block ADA/Disabled parking spaces.
  • Maintain vehicular circulation in the parking area.
  • Do not block fire lanes.
  • Provide barriers around the seating area.
  • Tents may be provided; if tents are greater than 900 square feet in area, a permit from the Wellington Building Division will be required; permits will be expedited.
  • If the seating area is separated from the restaurant entrance by a travel lane/driveway, safety measures must be put in place to address person/vehicle conflicts.
  • The parking spaces (except ADA spaces) around and/or closest to the restaurant should be utilized first. Any other parking area used for outdoor seating not close to the restaurant should be selected to minimize potential conflicts for persons and vehicular use areas.
  • Signage should be provided to direct pedestrian and vehicular traffic in the parking lot.
  • Parking shall not be allowed on any roads/streets, landscaped areas, open space, etc.
  • Landscaping shall not be removed or damaged.

Central Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce