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COVID-19 Vaccine Information & Updates

For the latest updates and information about the COVID-19 Vaccine visit Palm Beach County's vaccine information webpage.

FAQs & Latest Updates from Palm Beach County

Get answers to COVID-19 Vaccine Frequently asked questions and check Palm Beach County's news archive webpage regularly for the latest updates. 

Contact your healthcare provider for information about vaccines and personal health-related questions.

Other Contacts & Resources

The Florida Health COVID-19 24 hour hotline is available to answer general vaccine questions at 866-779-6121. 

For Updates about the vaccine and distribution from Governor Ron DeSantis, text FLCOVID19 to 888777.

Palm Beach County COVID-19 Testing

Palm Beach County’s Interactive Testing Map features all county COVID-19 testing sites. This map will help you find the closest private or community-based testing location to you. Several of the sites are government-supported and have free testing with a variety of restrictions and processes. Many others are private labs, urgent care facilities, or pharmacies that will bill your insurance.