Application Certification & Acknowledgement


All work or construction within, and/or use of the facilities of Wellington/Acme Improvement District permitted hereunder shall be performed in strict compliance with this permit and all applicable Standards of Construction adopted by the Village/District.

It is agreed and understood by the Applicant that the granting of this permit does not give the Applicant a right but only grants the privilege, which is subject to the strict control of the Village/District. This permit shall not relieve the Permittee from complying with any law, regulation or requirement affecting the rights of other bodies or agencies. All structures and works installed by the Permittee hereunder shall remain the property of the Permittee unless otherwise provided immediately below.

The Village/District will not be responsible for damage to any pipes or appurtenances or communication and electric cables and any permitted vegetation within the Village/District right-of-way or Maintenance Easement.

The Permittee will be responsible for maintaining the area between this structure and the edge of the lake, canal or roadway.

The Permittee shall comply with the rules, regulations and standards of respective homeowner’s association guidelines (if applicable) for the uniform protection of the landowners throughout the Village/District.

This permit may be revoked by the Village/District at any time without cause by written notice to Permittee 60 days prior to date of revocation.

This permit expires on the dated noted; however, the Permittee may apply, in writing, for an extension to the permit provided this request is received prior to the permit expiration date.

This permit may be revoked by the Village/District giving immediate notice in writing to the Permittee at any time because of failure of the Permittee to comply with the conditions of the permit.

The Village/District reserves the right to enter onto the property of Permittee to inspect the permitted improvements.

I understand that the Village of Wellington will not be responsible in any way for repairs to, or replacement of, any portion of the referenced improvement and that any removal or replacement of this improvement necessary for use or access of the easement or right-of-way will be done at the expense of the property owner or their successors in interest.

This permit must be posted at all times during the permitted activity.

The Permittee hereby acknowledges full consent to and agreement with all the conditions and provisions of this permit.


Hauling on Shellrock Road: A separate Public Works permit must be obtained prior to hauling

Water Quality Conditions: Wellington reserves the right to require additional water quality treatment

methods be incorporated into the drainage system if such measures are shown to be necessary

as required by SFWMD and/or Village of Wellington consultant.

Fees: Any additional fees incurred will be required to be reimbursed by the Owner/Applicant upon request.