Search Public Information in CSS

  1. Provide the search criteria within the search field and press search.
  2. Results can be filtered like shown on the left side of the screen.
  3. Click on the desired Plan to view details. The following is an overview of the tabs within each Plan and what information they provide:
    • Summary: Provides a summary view of the selected Plan as shown above. The Workflow shows all the reviews, the status and the date which it occurred. Outstanding fees can also be paid by clicking “Add to Cart”.
    • Locations: Shows all the properties assigned to the Plan.
    • Fees: View all outstanding and paid fees.
    • Reviews: This tab is disabled.
    • Inspections: Lists the status of any inspections scheduled for the Plan.
    • Attachments: Shows all documents that have been submitted or uploaded for the Plan.
    • Contact: Shows the applicant, agent and owner.
    • Sub-records: This tab is disabled.
    • Holds: Shows any holds that has been placed on the Plan by other departments.
    • Meetings: Shows meetings that have been scheduled as it relates to the Plan.
    • More Info: Provides detailed information about the Plan and the request.