How to Resubmit a Plan

When the Development Review Manager has completed review of the Plan, they will issue a Comment Letter. An email will be sent to the CSS account applicant email address on file and will provide instructions on how to view the Comment Letter in CSS.

  1. Log on to CSS and view the dashboard.
  2. Click on the desired Plan to open up the Plan Details.
  3. The Comment Letter will be loaded in the “Attachments” tab.
  4. Click the Comment Letter to view. Sort by “Creation Date” to easily find the Comment Letter as there may be a lot of attachments uploaded.
  5. To resubmit, upload the new attachments by scrolling down and clicking on the “Add Attachment” blue box. Once all attachments have been uploaded click “Submit”.
  6. The resubmittal shall be per the specific file naming convention as provided in the Electronic Naming Convention section of this user guide.

It is important to upload your resubmittal all at once and NOT in pieces as staff will only review resubmittals when all requested documents are uploaded.