How to Search and Pay for an Invoice with a Credit CARD

The Planning Department must review the submission first prior to invoicing the billing contact with the appropriate fees for the Plan. Ensure the billing contact is designated on the contact page. An email will be sent to the billing contact once the Plan was invoiced with a link and directions on how to pay. If escrow fees need to be collected, they will be noted in the email. Application fees can be paid online by credit card only, or in person with other payment methods. 

Escrow fees cannot be processed online or paid by card at this time. Escrow fees should be paid by cash or check only.

  1. Visit the Customer Self Service (CSS) page to login to your CSS user account.
  2. Select “Pay Invoice” icon.
  3. Insert the COMPLETE Invoice number (ie. INV-00003464).
  4. The detailed invoice will be displayed. If a copy of the invoice is needed, select the printer icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  5. Select “Pay Now” to pay the invoice in full. If a partial payment is requested, payment cannot be processed online. Please call (561)791-4000 for assistance.
  6. Complete all the required fields and select “Pay Now”.
  7. A receipt will be emailed to the email address listed on the Payment Details screen and the billing contact in the Energov system.