How to Apply for a Plan

Did You Schedule an Intake Meeting?

Before uploading, a DM MUST deem application sufficient and ready for uploading for all applications requiring public hearing and all Site Plans/Amendments. Visit the Intake Meeting section of this manual for more information. 

Log onto CSS, click “Apply” to open up the drop down menu. Select the Plan you would like to apply for.

 **Plans submitted after 3pm will be processed on the NEXT business day.

Step 1 – Locations:

  1. A location is required for most Plan applications.
  2. DO NOT enter a Wellington address manually. Only enter an address manually if an address outside of Wellington is being linked to the Plan.
  3. When the address or parcel number is found via search, select the “Add” button.
  4. Once the location address is added, more address types can be added. Note that some Plan Types, like Vegetation Removal Permits, require separate plan applications be submitted for each location.
  5. Be sure to enter all location addresses that are associated with a plan.
  6. Select “Next” when complete or “Save Draft” to finish at another time.

Step 2 – Plan Type:

  1. Chose the correct Plan Type in the drop down menu. This selection CANNOT be changed once the plan is submitted. Be sure to select the correct Plan Type. If unsure, please call the Planning and Zoning Department at 791-4000 to confirm.
  2. Include a brief description of the request. This shall include the project name.
  3. Select “Next” when complete or “Save Draft” to finish at another time.

 Step 3 – Contacts:

  1. The person logged in and applying in CSS will always be the “Applicant”. More than one plan applicant can be added to a Plan. If the person applying in CSS is the agent/consultant, they should add themselves as the agent contact as well.
  2. An Owner is required for most Plan Types. Click on the blue icon to add Owner information.
  3. Always search first! To reduce duplication in the system, search to see if the owner, applicant or agent contact information is already in the system. If the contact information is in the system, select the “Add” icon.
  4. If after searching with no results, add the contact manually by selecting “Enter Manually” and enter in all the required fields. Select “Submit” when complete.
  5. Enter in an agent or more owners or applicants if applicable.
  6. The owner, applicant or agent entered will need to be listed as the billing contact. All invoice and escrow fees will be sent to the billing contact. Enter the designated billing contact in the “More Info” screen.
  7. Select “Next” when complete or “Save Draft” to finish at another time.

Step 4 – More Info:

  1. Complete all the required fields. If the question does not apply to your submittal and is a required field, enter NA or 0 into the field. Fields that are improperly completed or if all fields completed are with all NA or 0, the Plan will be returned for correction prior to passing the Prescreen step by staff.
  2. The questions differ depending on the Plan Type selected.
  3. Select “Next” when complete or “Save Draft” to finish at another time.

Step 5 – Attachments:

  1. Upload all required documentation for the application. The application cannot be submitted unless all documentation that is required has a document uploaded.
  2. Be sure to name the document appropriately so staff can easily locate it in the system. Do not upload documents that have file names that are not per the specific file naming convention as provided in the Electronic Naming Convention section of this user guide.
  3. A document cannot be uploaded more than once in the attachment page.
  4. Additional documentation can be uploaded by selecting the appropriate document type in the drop down menu and selecting “Add Attachment” on the last blue icon on the page.
  5. Ensure the submittal adheres to the specific plan/application checklist. Incomplete submittals will be rejected.
  6. Select “Next” when complete or “Save Draft” to finish at another time.

Step 6 – Review and Submit:

  1. Review all the content on this page. Once submitted, the CSS account applicant cannot go back and change.
  2. Select the “Back” button if submission needs to be modified, select “Next” when complete or “Save Draft” to finish at another time.

Congratulations! You have successfully submitted a Plan electronically!