Electronic Naming Convention

Specific file naming convention is required for all uploaded documents, drawings, plans, etc. Files that are improperly named will be returned for correction prior to passing the Prescreen step by staff. File names should follow a “File Type” or “Abbreviation” format where appropriate per the below requirements.

Electronic Naming Convention

File Name Abbreviation Notes
Application Part 1 APP1 Planning and Zoning General Application
Application Part 2 APP2 This file name may include the appropriate type of application being requested. Example file name convention: “Application Part 2 - Master Plan” or “Application Part 2 - Master Plan Amendment” (or with abbreviation: APP2 - Master Plan), Application Part 2-Architectural Review Board, etc.
Application APP All other general application types. Example file name convention: Application -Tree Vegetation Removal (or with abbreviation: APP - Tree Vegetation Removal), Application-Special Use Permit, etc.
Architectural ARCH Includes elevations, rendering, perspectives, 3D drawings, photo, sections, etc. This file name may include the appropriate description for the plan type. Example file name convention: Architectural - Elevation North (or with abbreviation: A - Elevation North), Architectural-Rendering, etc.
Civil CIVIL Includes site work, grading, paving, drainage, pavement markings, etc.
Warranty Deed WD  
Justification Statement JS  
Ordinance ORD Includes previous approval and draft proposed amendment.
Resolution RESO Includes previous approval and draft proposed amendment.
Master Plan MP  
Site Plan or Subdivision Plan SP  
Landscape Plan LP  
Alternative Landscape Plan ALP  
Plat PLAT  
Survey S  
Comment Response CR  
Traffic Statement TS Includes traffic study and reports.
Water/Wastewater Demand Analysis WDA  
Drainage Statement DS  
Utilities Demand Analysis UDA  
Circulation Plan CP  
Regulating Plan RP Includes Typical Detail, Cross Section, etc.
Phasing Plan PP  
Photometric Plan PH For Planned Developments
Project Standards Manual PSM  
Floor Plan FP  

These are typical file names used for the Planning Department submittal. If your project requires a file name that is not provided or may differ, please name the file according to the specific type of document/plan and keep the file name short, but comprehensible.

 Important Information/Best Practice:

  • Most file format maybe submitted to CSS. It is recommended that drawings/plans be submitted in PDF file format (DWG files will also be required for final submittal). All other documents shall be submitted in PDF format (except for legal description that should be submitted in MS Word format).
  • Files should not be encrypted or password protected.
  • Drawings/plans shall be submitted in landscape view/orientation. All other documents maybe in landscape or portrait.
  • Ensure only one subject file is uploaded per attachment, such as Application only, Justification Statement only, Site Plan only, Civil only, etc.
  • CSS has no limits on the file size that maybe uploaded, however larger files will take more time to upload and potentially not open for staff when doing the review. A maximum size of 10 GB is recommended for each file uploaded.
  • Each uploaded files may include multiple pages. To ensure efficiency when uploading and review, it is recommended that drawings/plans over 10 GB and/or 10 sheets be uploaded as separates files, one file for each sheet. Individual sheets shall be named per the specific file naming convention with the sheet number included in the name. All other documents over 10 GB maybe required to be uploaded as separate files. Files that are too large and/or unable to be opened will be returned for correction prior to passing the Prescreen step by staff.
  • Files shall include the version in the file name. Example: Application Part 2-Master Plan.v1. (For the original submittal). Each resubmittal shall include v2., v3., etc. If the files are returned by staff during the prescreen step, resubmit the file with the original name and version number with additional number(s). Example: Application Part 2-Master Plan.v1.2 (For the original submittal).
  • File name may include the project name, owner name, address, etc., as appropriate for the application/plan type or other information, at the end of the specific file naming convention.
  • Example file names: Application Part 2-Master Plan.v1, APP2-Master Plan.v1, Application Part 2-Master Plan.v1.ABC Project {Note: includes the project name (ABC Project)}, Site Plan.v1.2 {Note: includes additional number(.2) for file resubmitted during the prescreen step}, SP.v2 {Note: includes the version number (v2) for new resubmittal}, Civil.v1.Sheet 1.ABC Project {Note: includes the version number (v1), sheet number (Sheet 1) for when separate files are required and project name (ABC Project)}