Customer Self Service (CSS) User Guide

The Planning Department has gone electronic! This guide provides basic instructions on how to create an account, submit a Plan, pay invoices and track your submittals in CSS. If you have questions at any time in the process, contact the Planning staff at 561-791-4000 or 561-363-7905 or

To apply for a plan, visit the Customer Self Service (CSS) Portal and follow the directions in this manual. 

Electronic Submittal Process:

The Planning Department is excited to announce that we are now accepting applications electronically! Customer Self Service (CSS) along with our internal systems (Energov and ProjectDox) is a web-based electronic/digital document solution that allows citizens and agents to submit applications and staff to review and complete the approval process all online without the use of paper. What does that mean for you?

  • Cost savings by eliminating 5 or 10 sets of paper copies
  • Less trips to Village Hall
  • Ability to process payment online
  • Apply for applications at any time for most application types
  • Review status of applications any time
  • Resubmit online
  • Search recently submitted plans online including their attachments and approvals.

All applications that require public meetings/hearings and all Site Plans/Amendments will still be required to follow the Pre-Application and Intake meetings process in accordance with Article 5 of Wellington’s Land Development Regulations (LDR).

Pre-Application Meetings:

Per Section 5.2.2.C of Wellington’s LDR, all applications that require public meetings/hearings and all SitePlans/Amendments shall be required to schedule a pre-application meeting with the Development Review Manager (DM) prior to the in-take meeting. The DM will determine if other department representatives should be in attendance for the pre-application meeting based on the type of application. To schedule aPre-Application meeting, contact Jennifer Fritz at or call 561-791-4000 or 561-363-7905. A Pre-Application summary will be prepared by the DM and be provided to the applicant within five (5) business days. This summary shall be included in the submittal. 

Intake Meetings:

Per Section 5.2.2.D of the LDR, all applications that require public meetings/hearings and all Site Plans/Amendments shall be required to schedule an In-take meeting to submit the applications. The applicant shall review one (1) full set of documents with the DM prior to the electronic submittal. This can be in the form of an in-person meeting, email, drop-box, GoTo meeting, etc., as determined by the DM. Once the intake meeting has occurred, the DM will notify the applicant, via email, if the application is sufficient to upload and submit. The applicant MUST upload the approval email/correspondence from the DM when submitting the application (Plan). If an application (Plan) is not sufficient for submittal, it will be returned to the applicant, in its entirety, for corrections and a new in-take meeting will be required.

**Plans submitted after 3pm will be processed on the NEXT business day.