Vegetation Collection

To report a missed pick-up, please submit a request through GoWellington.

Vegetation Guidelines

1 Day/Week

Vegetation refers to debris from routine residential yard maintenance only. All yard waste MUST be containerized this includes leaves, pine needles, hedge trimmings, small fronds, and weeds. These items need to be placed in bags and placed on the curb. 

Yard waste does not include tree removal or tree limbs exceeding ten (10) inches in diameter, tree trunks, stumps, root balls, vegetation from lot/land clearing, or vegetation requiring wheeled or tracked machinery removal.  These tasks are not considered routine yard maintenance and residents will have to make their own arrangements for the removal of larger waste materials.

NOTE: Coconuts are not yard waste and must be placed in your garbage container.

Vegetation will NOT be collected if:

  • It is any single piece of vegetation exceeds 6 feet in length or weights more than 50 lbs.  Vegetation containers must not exceed 50 lbs. in weight.
  • It is mixed with other garbage or trash; place in separate piles three feet apart.
  • Placed under a utility pole/power line.
  • Placed on a vacant lot or thoroughfare.
  • It is from a commercial establishment or company.
  • Vegetation must be placed in front of your residence for pick up.
  • Sod, dirt, landscaping rocks, pallets, and concrete edging are not considered vegetation and will not be picked up.
  • Please remember that if you live in an area that participates in the automated vegetation program collection, you must fill your green vegetation container first before piling vegetation curbside for collection. 
  • No household garbage should be placed inside the can. Vegetative waste that cannot be placed in the container may be placed for collection 24 hours prior to the collection day. If you live in an HOA, please check with their guidelines. 
  • Per Village ordinance, piles not in compliance with these guidelines will be tagged.  If you have been tagged, residents can choose to correct the problem so items can be collected on the next scheduled pickup day or you may also elect to pay your waste hauler a fee of $9.00 per cubic yard for removal as is.

Additional Guidelines

  • All debris generated by a landscape/tree contractor must be removed by the contractor. 
  • Debris must be placed in front of the property the debris was generated.
  • Debris will only be collected from properties which are assessed by Wellington for solid waste collection.  Debris will not be collected from vacant or undeveloped parcels.
  • Debris must be separated prior to collection, mixed debris piles (mixed with other garbage) will not be picked up. Place in separate piles 3 feet apart.
  • Debris placed on property not owned by the customer generating the debris, placed on vacant parcels, or deposited on Wellington rights-of-ways such as canal banks may be considered illegal dumping as outlined by Florida State Statute 403.413, “Florida Litter Law” and referred to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.