Swim Lessons

Enroll your child in swim lessons with American Red Cross Certified Instructors!

Swim Lesson Registration

Registration for swim lessons and programs is done in-person at the Wellington Aquatics Complex to help ensure appropriate level placement. Registration must be done by the Friday before the start of a new session.

New Participants

  • Two forms of ID will be required to establish proof of residency (i.e. driver’s license and utility bill).
  • A birth certificate is required for registering a child in a program.

For additional information visit our Activity Registration page.

Swim Lesson Cost:

All lessons are $60 per session, except the In-Betweens level, which is $105.

Refund Requests

Refund requests must be received prior to the 2nd lesson. Refunds requested due to injury or medical illness must be accompanied by a Doctor’s note. There is a $10 administrative fee per participant, per program, for refunds or transfers.

Fall Session Dates

Classes are held Tuesday through Friday. Choose from the following sessions.

No swim lessons Labor Day week.

  • Session 11  August 8 to August 18
  • Session 12 August 22 to September 1
  • Session 13 – September 13 to September 23
  • Session 14 – September 27 to October 7
  • Session 15 – October 11 to October 21
  • Session 16 – October 25 to November 4

Lesson Times

Visit the online recreation catalog to view available class times (registration is completed in-person at the aquatics complex.

Level Descriptions

  1. Ages 3-10
  2. Ages 6-13
  3. Ages 14+
  4. Special Needs

Preschool 1

This class is for children who are comfortable sitting on the side of the pool in a group, but have little to no water experience. The goal by the end of this level is for children to be able to float on their front and back, and put their faces in the water.

Preschool 2

This class is for children who have had lessons before, and are comfortable putting their faces in the water and floating on their front and back. They will learn arm motions and kicking. The goal by the end of this level is for the child to swim 5 feet from, and back, to the wall.

Preschool 3

This is a group class for children who have completed Pre 2, or have had lessons elsewhere, are able to swim 5-7 feet and can float on their front and back. The child will learn the breast stroke, and butterfly kicking. 


Ages 3 to 10 years. This course is designed to be one-on-one for the child and instructor. Each child receives 15 minutes working directly with the instructor.

Additional Information

For more information contact the Wellington Aquatics Complex at 561-791-4770.