Canals & Swales


Canals are vital in order to aid in drainage, flood control, and irrigation. The Village of Wellington maintains around 1 mile of canal every year through the consistent resloping, resodding, and desilting 

If you witness the following any abnormal aquatic vegetation growth or illicit dumping, please submit a request through GoWellington or please call (561) 791-4000 or 561-363-7905.


The purpose of a swale is to collect stormwater and treat the runoff in order to reduce pollutants. Stormwater is collected from roads, driveways, parking lots, and other similar surfaces. Swales are characterized as having gently sloping sides and are wider than they are deep. In order to prevent erosion and to aid in filtering pollutants, the swales are vegetated. Runoff collected from storms should temporarily pond in the swale for 24 to 36 hours. Every year, the Village of Wellington reconditions around 3 to 4 miles of swales every year.

Proper maintenance of the swale includes:

  • Regular mowing.
  • Removing all leaves, grass clippings, and other landscaping debris.
  • Maintaining good grass growth.
  • Minimal use of fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.

What not to do with the swale:

  • Piling garbage or garden debris in the swale.
  • Paving the swale.
  • Parking vehicles in the swales.