Vegetation is yard waste resulting from normal residential landscape maintenance, such as hedge trimmings, pine needles, palm fronds and small limbs from trees.

To report a missed pick-up, please fill out the Missed Pick-Up form.

Vegetation Guidelines

  • Vegetation is collected once a week on your scheduled day.
  • Residents must place all vegetation in the green container; if the container is full, you must place excess vegetation in a bag.
  • Grass from the trimming of large fields are not part of the routine yard maintenance and will not be picked up by the hauler.
  • Vegetation must be placed in front of your residence for pick up or it will be considered illegal dumping.
  • Vegetation cannot be placed on vacant lots or major roadways.
  • Vegetation cannot protrude onto the roadway.
  • Vegetation cannot be placed under a utility pole or power line.
  • If you are throwing away a large amount of excess vegetation, the hauler may only pick up part of it in order to finish their route in a timely matter; the hauler will return to pick up remaining vegetation on your next scheduled day.

Unacceptable Vegetation

  • Dirt
  • Landscaping rocks
  • Pallets
  • Root balls
  • Sod
  • Vegetative debris (tree limbs/pieces, tree removal) that exceeds 6 feet in length, 10 inches in diameter, or 50 pounds in weight
  • Vegetation from a commercial establishment or company
  • Vegetation from lot clearing or vegetation requiring wheeled/tracked machinery for removal
  • Vegetation mixed with other garbage or trash

These items will not be collected and residents will have to make their own arrangements for the removal.