Equestrian Trails

The Equestrian Trails department is responsible for the maintenance of the following bridle paths:

  • Black Trail
  • Blue Trail
  • Brick Red Trail
  • Brown Trail
  • Dark Green Trail
  • Gray Trail
  • Green Trail
  • Greenbriar Trail
  • Light Blue Trail
  • Orange Trail
  • Pink Trail
  • Purple Trail
  • Red Trail
  • White Trail
  • Yellow Trail

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2023 Equestrian Trails Circulation Master Plan Update

The Equestrian Preservation Element in Wellington's Comprehensive Plan establishes the EPA with specific goals and objectives for preservation and protection of the equestrian lifestyle along with the equestrian industry as whole. The Element also identifies an equestrian trails circulation plan as a key component within the Equestrian Preserve Area (EPA) to improve safety of both motorists and equestrians and provide a connected circulation system. In recognition of the importance of equestrian trails circulation plan, the Element established policies for the regular review and update of the circulation plan and the use of the plan to program capital improvements that improve equestrian safety.

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