Leaking Fire Hydrant

Aerial view of the water treatment facility

Water Treatment Facility

Wellington completed an expansion to its Water Treatment Facility. The expansion project consisted of the construction of an additional building south of the existing R/O building, which houses three (3) additional Control Blocks at 1.8 mgd each for a total 5.4 mgd. In addition to the control blocks, the building houses two (2) high service pumps, an emergency generator and other ancillary equipment.

Water Quality And Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)

Contact Number for Quality Complaint
Phone: 561-791-4000 or 561-363-7905

Trouble Reporting (Leaks, Fire Hydrants)

To report a water main break, please contact our Customer Service Center at 561-791-4000 or 561-363-7905, Monday through Thursday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. At all other times, please contact our emergency number at 561-791-4037 or 561-363-7910.