Community Re-Investment

Community Re-investment begins with improving our residential and commercial areas. With a rise in foreclosures forecasted in the upcoming years, Wellington must create strategies to reinvest in areas experiencing high foreclosure rates. Each one of the homes and commercial centers in Wellington is a personal investment that collectively contribute to our image as a great hometown.

Commercial Centers

While Wellington is predominately a residential community, our commercial centers and business parks are an important part of the community. The businesses within these center/parks provide our residents, restaurants, retail, and services to meet their needs. They also provide business and employment opportunities which contribute to Wellington's economic viability.

Sustainable Wellington

To support these center/parks, Sustainable Wellington is focused on improving our business environment for existing businesses and creating opportunities for new businesses. Our commercial centers/parks may also need infrastructure improvements and support for redevelopment. Wellington is committed to these center/parks now and into the future to continue to serve Wellington residents.