About Equestrian Community

The equestrian community plays an integral part of the economic, demographic, and physical structure of Wellington making the community very unique. Wellington has made a substantial investment in the equestrian community by:

  • Creating and adopting an Equestrian Element of the Comprehensive Plan which establishes Goals, Objectives, and Policies for the Equestrian Preserve Area (EPA)
  • Adopting and implementing an Equestrian Overlay Zoning District (EOZD) which provides guidelines that foster the preservation and enhancement of the EPA
  • Developing and maintaining over 100 miles of public bridle trails
  • Improving drainage systems to prevent flooding

Data Collection

Wellington is collecting data for the Equestrian Data Report that will serve the entire equestrian community. By recognizing the distinctive needs and characteristics of each equestrian discipline, the report will ultimately reflect the vision of the equestrian community. The preparation of the report will include collection and analysis of the data which will ultimately be used in the equestrian master planning process.

Additional Information

For more information about the Equestrian Community, please contact Michael O'Dell.