Animal Complaints

Animal complaints within the municipal boundaries of Wellington should be referred to the Palm Beach Animal Care (PBC) and Control Division at 561-233-1200, PBC Animal Care.

Leash Law

Palm Beach County Ordinance Chapter 4:

  • It shall be unlawful for any dog to be off the owner's property unless the dog is under the restraint or control of a person by means of a leash or other device such as a cage, crate or vehicle in accordance with section 4-24. Exceptions include Law Enforcement, service dogs, off leash designated public spaces, and AKC or similarly recognized shows or competitions.
  • No person shall tether an animal to a stationary or inanimate object as a means of confinement or restraint unless such person is with the animal and the animal is at all times visible to such person.

Animals Creating a Nuisance

The owner having control or custody of any dog or cat which:

  • Habitually barks, whines, howls or cause other objectionable noise resulting in a serious annoyance to a neighboring resident
  • Disturbs the peace by habitually or repeatedly destroying, desecrating or soiling public or private property, chasing persons, livestock, cars, or other vehicles, running at large, or other behavior that interferes with the reasonable use and enjoyment of the property; shall be deemed to be committing an act in violation of this section.

Filing a Complaint

Only animal cruelty or animal neglect related offenses will be investigated anonymously. Please visit Animal Cruelty Complaints.

Nuisance animal complaints, the Animal Care and Control Division will investigate nuisance animal complaints upon receipt of two sworn affidavits from two unrelated residents living in separate dwellings in the close vicinity of the alleged violation. Please contact the Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control Division at 561-233-1200 or visit PBC Animal Care.