Nuisance Abatement

In response to the problems associated with vacant properties, the Wellington Council amended the Nuisance Ordinance. Originally, the nuisance code permitted only the abatement of grass height violations. The amended code now includes abatements of vacant properties that have dilapidated structures, including broken windows or doors and /or swimming pools that are unsecured or stagnant. The violations must be clearly visible from the street or an adjoining property, with an owner's permission to conduct an inspection.

Code Rules

Both grass height and dilapidated structure cases must follow the same procedure as set forth in the code:

  • A first violation notice is issued with a 21 day compliance timeframe.
  • If the violations are not corrected a second violation notice is issued with a 5 to 15 day compliance timeframe
  • After the compliance date expires on the second notice the property is scheduled to be abated. If not paid, all costs associated with the abatement will be filed as a lien against the property.
  • After the first notice is issued any further violations will receive only the 5 to 15 day violation notice.

Additional Information

If you have questions concerning a particular property please call 561-753-2560.