Parking Regulation / Tickets

Wellington Code Compliance Officers and Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputies are no longer required to issue a warning ticket for illegally parked vehicles or for commercial and recreation vehicles illegally parked in residential neighborhoods. As a reminder to residents, Wellington parking standards prohibit the following:

  • Parking a vehicle in a swale
  • Parking a vehicle on a street
  • Parking a vehicle that blocks all or the majority of a sidewalk
  • Overnight parking of a commercial vehicle that is not completely screened in a garage or behind walls and hedges
  • Parking of a recreational vehicle that is not adequately screened

Parking in the Street or Over a Sidewalk

Parking in the street or over a sidewalk reduces the visibility of oncoming traffic to pedestrians and other drivers. This can become a hazard for our children when attempting to cross a street because the driver of the vehicle is unable to see a child dart into the street. Our swales provide the necessary drainage for stormwater runoff so that the streets and yards adjoining them do not become flooded. Parking in the swale causes damage that, over time, creates drainage problems such as standing water, potholes, and driveway cracking.

Wellington also has adopted codes for regulating parking of commercial, recreational and sports vehicles, boats and trailers.

Parking Tickets

Parking tickets carry a penalty of $25 for each time a vehicle is ticketed. If there are three or more unpaid tickets, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will not issue a new vehicle registration until all outstanding fines have been paid.

Parking for special neighborhood or individual events can be accommodated without ticketing by prior arrangement. Please call Wellington at 561-753-2560 for special arrangements.