Village Manager

Jim Barnes was appointed Village Manager in January of 2021 after serving as Deputy Village Manager and Assistant Village Manager. He has been with the Village of Wellington since 2003, when he joined the staff as Assistant Director of Community Services. Mr. Barnes has served as Deputy Director of Environmental and Engineering Services, Parks and Recreation Director, Deputy Director of Operations, and Director of Operations. Prior to serving Wellington, Barnes worked in the public and private sectors in planning, development, and permitting.   

Barnes earned a Bachelor of Arts in Geography from Florida Atlantic University. He is a certified planner with an advanced specialty certification in Environmental Planning by the American Institute of Certified Planners, a Certified Parks and Recreation Professional by the National Recreation and Parks Association, and a credentialed manager by the International City/County Managers Association.  He is also a certified Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Professional by the GIS Certification Institute and a Public Works Leadership Fellow of the American Public Works Association.  

Mr. Barnes serves on various boards and committees including the Florida Planning & Zoning Association, Florida Green Building Coalition, Florida Festivals and Events Association, and the American Public Works Association Florida Chapter Gold Coast Branch.

How to Contact the Village Manager 

The Village Manager welcomes comments from residents and is interested in hearing what you enjoy about Wellington, and where you think we may improve. Email

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About Wellington’s Council/Manager Government

The Village of Wellington operates under the Council/Manager form of government where the elected officials are responsible for legislative functions such as establishing policy, passing laws, establishing the budget, and setting the Community Vision. 

Our Village Manager, Jim Barnes, is the Village's Chief Administrative Officer and serves as the Acme Improvement District Administrator. He is responsible for the daily operations of the Village of Wellington and Acme Improvement District.