Digital Signature Guide

Digital signature requirements for all Florida state licensed design professionals including Engineers, Architects, and Surveyors.

Digital Seals & Signatures

Engineers, Architects, and Surveyors can easily email the contractors Digitally Signed and Sealed Drawings as PDFs. Digitally Signed and Sealed Plans must be uploaded in their original digital format. Scanned Digitally Sealed Plans will not be accepted as scanning removes the digital signature and seal. 

Every engineered drawing uploaded for review to the Village of Wellington ProjectDox website must have a Digital Seal and Signature combo. All design professionals will also need to have their identity authenticated by a third party Certification Authority per State Statue 471.025 and Florida Administrative Code 61G15-23.003.  

Additional Requirements

The Village of Wellington is adopting requirements for all State Licensed Design Professionals such that each licensee’s digital signature appearance must include language to coincide with requirements adopted by the Florida Board of Professional Engineers on November 3, 2015.  This language must be present when the digital signature is applied to any document or drawing that requires signing and sealing by any Florida State Licensed Design Professional. The requirement to have the digital signature certificate issued through a 3rd Party Certification Authority also remains in effect for all State Licensed Design Professionals in an effort to create consistency of requirements and assurance that the licensee identity has been verified without question. 

Local Engineers, Architects and Surveyors are using Adobe Entrust, IdenTrust, Cosign, DocuSign, VeriSign and GlobalSign most frequently. These companies validate your identity then have you download a digital certificate to your computer, use software or they will send you a USB drive with a token key or serial number.

  1. Image of licensee Seal (as set forth in each discipline governing board)
  2. Name of licensee
  3. Date the document was digitally signed
  4. The following new language text statements:
    1. This item has been electronically signed and sealed by [Licensee Name] using a Digital Signature. (Date will be shown automatically with an Adobe System)
    2. Printed copies of this document are not considered signed and sealed and the signature must be verified on any electronic copies.

If assistance is needed creating your digital seal and signature, please contact Engineering at 561-791-4002 or by email at for our Digital Signature Guide.