Planning, Zoning & Adjustment Board


  • Jeffrey Robbert, Chair
  • John Bowers, Vice Chair
  • Ron Herman
  • Maureen Martinez
  • Adam Rabin
  • Tracy Ciucci
  • Satesh Raju

Powers and Duties

Per Ordinance 2010-15, the PZAB shall have the following powers and duties:

1. Conduct hearings and make recommendations to the Wellington Council regarding:

a.    Proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan or elements or portions thereof, and other matters as may be required by law or ordinance.

b.    Proposed amendments to the Land Development Regulations (LDR)

c.    Applications for the rezoning of property

d.    Applications for development permits, conditional uses, and development order amendments

2.    Perform the functions, duties, powers and responsibilities of a local planning agency as set forth and established in the Florida Statutes.

3.    Hear and approve, approve with conditions or deny variances to the terms of sections of the LDR. 

4.    Hear and approve or reverse decisions of the PZB Director on zoning matters.

5.    Hear and approve or reverse decisions of the Wellington Engineer on subdivision requirements

6.    Conduct review hearings pursuant to the provisions of the Wellingtons’ Impact Fee Ordinance

Regularly Scheduled Meetings

The Planning Zoning and Adjustment Board (PZAB) meets on the third Wednesday of every month. All meetings are subject to change.

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