Equestrian Preserve Committee


  • Jane Cleveland, Chair
  • Haakon Gangnes, Vice Chair
  • Carlos Arellano
  • Dr. Rachel Eidelman
  • Glen Fleischer
  • Richard Cunkle
  • Dr. Kristy Lund

Powers and Duties

Per Ordinance 2010-44, the EPC shall have the following powers and duties is to provide advice on the following matters:

  1. Protecting and preserving land in the equestrian preserve area as equestrian.
  2. The safety of riders and animals.
  3. Flooding and drainage in the Equestrian Preserve Area.
  4. Comprehensive plan amendments and land development regulations as they apply to the Equestrian Preserve Area.
  5. Annually prepare a report recommending the need for any equestrian projects to the Council for inclusion in the Capital Improvement Program.
  6. Make recommendations on the design and/or configuration of equestrian capital projects to Wellington Council.

The EPC is an advisory board to the Planning Zoning and Adjustment Board and Wellington’s Council on land use decisions in the Equestrian Preserve area in accordance with the Equestrian Element of Wellington’s Comprehensive Plan.

Regularly Scheduled Meetings

The Equestrian Preserve Committee (EPC) meets on the first Wednesday of every month. All meetings are subject to change.

Find links to meeting agendas and details on Legistar.