Committee Vacancies

Board Vacancies

The Village of Wellington is currently accepting applications from residents who would like to be considered for appointment to the following Wellington committees: 

 Senior Advisory Committee (1 position)

**New Committee** - Affordable Housing Advisory Committee - The Affordable Housing Advisory Committee’s (AHAC) primary goal is to preserve and foster Wellington’s affordable housing stock. AHAC members provide assistance by reviewing new strategies for preserving and enhancing attainable housing, enhance existing strategies, perform Community Outreach and Feedback, and help create SHIP Procedures. The AHAC may consist of as few as eight members and a maximum of 11 members. 

The general duties of the AHAC, as summarized from sec. 420.9076(4) of the Florida Statutes, are:

    Recommend monetary and non-monetary incentives for affordable housing

    Review policies and procedures, ordinances, land development regulations, and the Comprehensive Plan.

    Seek financial assistance through regulatory incentives to facilitate private sector development of affordable housing. 

Membership qualifications: 

*** Pursuant to Sec. 420.9076 (2), Florida Statutes, at least six (6) of the following areas and at least Residential home building industry related to Affordable Housing

1.    Banking or mortgage banking industry related to Affordable Housing

2.    Engaged in labor of home building related to Affordable Housing

3.    Advocate for low-income persons related to Affordable Housing

4.    For-profit provider of affordable housing

5.    Not-for profit provider of affordable housing

6.    Real estate professional in connection with AH

7.    Local planning agency member per 163.3174

8.    Citizen who resides within the jurisdiction

9.    Representatives of employers

10.    Representative of Essential Services Personnel

11.    One elected official (Village Councilmember)

The AHAC must develop an AHAC Report to be reviewed by Florida Housing Finance Corporation once a year. 

You may contact Kelly Avery, Assistant Village Clerk, to request an application at .