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If you are interested, please contact Kelly Avery, Assistant Village Clerk, at to obtain an application. 

Palm Beach Transportation Planning Agency (TPA) Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC)

The qualities that are desired in a CAC Member are outlined in the Palm Beach Transportation Planning Agency (TPA) Operating Procedures, Section 4.2.B.

  • Adequate representation for minorities, the elderly, and the handicapped in accordance with F.S. 339.175, Section (6)(e)1.
  • Nominations shall promote representation for environmental issues, business interests, the construction and development industry, the freight and goods movements industry, and private transportation providers as well as the general public.
  • All CAC members shall be residents and electors of Palm Beach County.
  • A CAC Member cannot be an elected official or directly employed by an elected official. 
  • No advisory committee member may serve on more than one advisory committee to the TPA Governing Board at any time.

For additional information, visit the Palm Beach TPA website.

Additionally, review the TPA Governing Board and Advisory Committee Handbook to help orient yourself with the member roles and responsibilities.  The CAC should only take up 2-3 hours on the first Wednesday afternoon of most months.  This does not include agenda review time prior to the meeting, which would be based on the individual’s personal preference.  The 2021 meeting schedule can be found here

If you are interested in representing our Village as part of the Citizens Advisory Committeesubmit the following via email to

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