Permit Fee Schedule

1. Building Permit Fees

For permit fees, the valuation of buildings and systems shall be total replacement value to include: 

  • Architectural and Design Fees
  • Electric
  • Interior Finish
  • Marketing Costs
  • Mechanical
  • Overhead and Profit
  • Plumbing
  • Relative Site Work
  • Structural

Excluding only land value.

Valuation references may include the latest published data of national construction cost analysis services, such as Marshall-Swift, Means, etc, as published by International Code Council. The purpose of using such nationally recognized sources for valuation is to provide a fair and equitable means of determining the construction value. Final building permit valuation shall be set by the Building Official. Failure to include all information related to the associated work on the project at the time of the initial application may result in a requirement that a separate permit be issued with appropriate fees being charged to the applicant.

Based on the construction value determined using the latest published schedule of building valuation data as set forth above or contract value, which is to be submitted at the time of permit application and accepted by the Building Official, the permit fee shall be calculated using the following formula and paid prior to issuance of a building permit:


Total Valuation of ProjectFee per Construction Value Tier
$0.01 to $7,500.00$150.00 Minimum Fee, plus
$7,500.01 to $100,000.002.00% of Construction Value, plus
$100,000.01 to $500,000.001.75% of Construction Value, plus
$500,000.01 to $1,500,000.001.50% of Construction Value, plus
$1,500,000.01 and Up1.25% of Construction Value

2. Department of Business & Professional Regulation Surcharge Per F.S. 553.721:

  • Required fee: 1% of total cost of permit (minimum of $2)

3. Building Code Administrators & Inspectors Fund Surcharge Per F.S. 468.631:

  • Required fee: 1.5% of total cost of permit (minimum of $2)

4. Building Plan Review Fee

The Building Plan Review Fee which includes initial processing and administrative costs as established by the following schedule must be paid at the time of permit application. Building plan review is required on all architectural design plans or as may be required at the discretion of the Building Official. (Building Plan Review Fees shall be 50% of total Building Permit Fees.)

  • Plan Review Fees shall be the greater of 50% of the calculated permit fee or a minimum of $75.00 
  • Building Plan Review Fees are refundable per section XIII 

5. Demolitions & the Moving of Building/Structures

Fees for demolition or moving of building and structures shall be based on contract value, which is to be submitted at the time of permit application and accepted by the Building Official:

  • 1% of Full Contract Value
  • Minimum fee: $125.00

6. Re-Inspection Fee

The fees for initial inspections as required by the Building Code are included in the primary permit fee. Fees for re-inspections will be charged for each inspection as follows, if the violation requires an additional inspection, or the job is not ready for an inspection subject to the review of the Building Official:

1st Re-inspection$60.00
2nd Re-inspection (Same Type)$120.00
3rd Re-inspection (Same Type)$180.00
4th Re-inspection (Same Type)$300.00
Partial Inspection (Requested by Contractor)$60.00

7. Miscellaneous Inspection Fee (Per Inspection)


8. Failure to Obtain Permit

Four times the Building Permit Fee, subject to review by Building Official.

9. Plan Revision

Minor plan revisions are those which would change certain minor components, as determined by the Building Official, on a set of submitted or permitted construction plans. Such components include, but are not limited to, revision to electrical, mechanical, or plumbing and changes to structural components that do not change the model of the unit or the square footage and layout of the structure:

  • Pre-Permit: No Charge
  • Post-Permit $90 minimum per reviewing agency
  • Post-Permit $90.00 hourly, per quarter hour

10. Transfer of Permit

  • Per Occurrence - New Contractor $65.00
  • Per Occurrence - New Lot Treat as Plan Revision

11. Appeal of the Building Official Determination

  • Fixed Fee: $500

12. Permit Renewal

Permit is automatically extended for a period of One-Hundred-Eighty (180) days from a received Approved inspection. Thirty (30) day extensions can be granted at no charge at the discretion of the Building Official.

  • Per Extension Request Fee 30% permit fee or minimum fee of $75.
  • Per Inspection - Additional Final Inspections Required:  $75 per Inspection

13. Permit Fee Refunds


  • Prior to any plan review, 100% of Building Plan Review Fee AND 50% of the Building Permit Fee shall be refunded with minimum retainer of $125.00 and maximum retainer of $3,000.00 
  • After any plan review but prior to permit issuance, 50% of Building Permit Fee shall be refunded with max retainer of $3,000.00 
  • After permit issuance and prior to commencement of any construction, 50% of Building Permit Fee shall be refunded with max retainer of $5,000.00 

14. Return Check Fee (Chapter 68.056 (2), FS)

Check AmountFee
Face Value up to $50.00$25.00
Face Value Between $51.00 and $300.00 $30.00 
Face Value Greater Than $300.00Greater of $40 or 5% 
Face Value Greater Than $800.005% of Face Value

15. Special, Expedited, Out-of-Sequence Plan Review Charges

The following charges shall apply in addition to regular plan review fees (per occurrence/request)

Commercial (Less than 5,000 SF)$875.00
Commercial (5,000 SF or Greater)$1,875.00

16. Special Inspection Fee

The following charges shall apply for after-hour inspections and for inspections on weekends, holidays, and other times which are considered to not be within the hours of a typical business day:

  • Per inspection (2 Hour Block) $250.00

17. Address Correction After Permit Issuance

  • $55 per permit issued with incorrect address

18. Phased Occupancy, Conditional Certificate of Occupancy or Completion Agreement 

Non- refundable; original issuance valid for 90 days with extension renewals for 45 days.

At the discretion of the Building Official, a conditional (temporary) certificate of occupancy may be issued for structures where there are unresolved or accepted conditions which do not affect the health and life safety of the occupants of the structure. The fees for these conditional certificates of occupancy shall be:

Fee TypeFee
Residential - Initial Fee/Renewal Fee$900.00
Commercial - Initial/Renewal Fee Less Than 5,000 Square Feet$1,200.00
Commercial -Initial/Renewal Fee More Than 5,000 Square Feet$2,000.00

19. Certificate of Occupancy (CO)

Less Than 24-Hour Notice - Residential$250.00
More Than 24-Hour NoticeNo Fee

20. Professional Services Charges

Additional professional services required by the Building Official to ensure the public health, safety and welfare will be charged to the applicant at the actual cost for the performance of the professional service. Such services include, but are not limited to, structural engineering, hazardous material evaluation services and sub-contract building inspection services. At the discretion of the Building Official, the applicant may be required to pay a deposit to cover the estimated cost of additional professional services. Any amount of the deposit not expended for the professional services will be refunded to the applicant. These charges shall be in addition to the Primary Permit Fee and any other fees contained in the Building Division Rate Schedule. 

No certificate of occupancy shall be issued until all additional professional service charges have been paid.

Per permit/Occurrence - for (minimum fee) $90.00

Any services not listed or specified in this rate schedule that do not preclude the possible need for issuance of a building permit including other services such as Permit Research, Scanning and Digitizing, Uploading, Due Diligence Reports, Insurance Affidavits, etc. $60.00

21. Permit Status Request

  • Minimum Fee (first quarter-hour) $40.00 plus printing 
  • Above minimum time (hourly, per quarter-hour) $40.00

22. Fees for Replacement Documents 

Replacement of Permit Card$40 Each 
Replacement of Permitted Plans$60 Plus Printing Cost
Replacement of Additional Certificate of Occupancy $40 Each

23. Permit Reissuance Fee

Prior to expiration date of 180 days:

  • Per permit re-issue: (minimum fee) $90.00 plus
  • Plan Review Fee: 30% of original Building Permit Fee

24. Stocking/Training Permit

At the discretion of the Building Official, a Stocking Certificate may be issued subject to written Building and Fire Department approvals. The fees for these Stocking Permits shall be:

Square FeetFee
Less than 5,000 Square Feet$160.00
5,000 Square Feet or Greater$435.00

25. Special Foundation Permit (Phased Construction)


26. Construction Debris Fee

Construction Debris Fees shall be calculated per square footage as follows:

Multi-Family New Residential$0.02 Per Square Feet
Multi-Family Residential Remodel$0.042 Per Square Feet
New Non-Residential$0.015 Per Square Feet
Non-Residential Remodel$0.042 Per Square Feet
Single-Family New Residential$0.028 Per Square Feet
Single-Family Residential Remodel$0.042 Per Square Feet

27. Miscellaneous Fees & Penalties

Penalty for Filling a New or Remodeled Pool without the required Pool Barrier Inspection Approval as per current Florida Building Code:

1st Offense by Contractor$500
Repeat Offense by Contractor$1,000

Waiver Request Form$75.00/Each
Modification of Issued TCO Same as TCO 
Customized/Engineered Product Approval Review$900.00
Unsafe/Unsanitary Penalty$200.00
Construction Board of Adjustments and Appeals Filing$250.00

28. Standard Permit Fees

Permit Work ClassPermit Fee
Water-Heater Replacement$80.00
Fences (Under $10,000 Value) $100.00
Fences greater than $10,000 Value per standard permit fee
Backflows (per permit request)$200.00
HVAC change out per unit (5 tons or less) $125.00
HVAC change out (over 5 tons per unit)Value per standard permit fee 
Floodplain Development Permit (Per Floodplain Ordinance)$225.00

29. Zoning Review Fees for Building Permits

Single Family/Per Unit$75.00
Multiple Family$150.00
Commercial/Industrial $200.00
Miscellaneous (other) $50.00

30. Private Provider Credits 

  • Pursuant to Florida Statutes, Chapter 553.791, an applicant may choose to use a private provider to provide plan review and/or inspection services. The credit applicable to Private Provider use are as follows: 
    • Plan Review Services only 12.0%
    • Inspection Services only 28.0%
    • Combined Plan Review & Inspection Services 40.0%
  • When using Private Providers, no credits will be applicable if calculated discounted fees are less than the minimum fees stipulated in this document. 

31. Schedule Notes

  1. Zoning review fees are in addition to the above fees.
  2. Fees assessed by other Village of Wellington operations and/or agencies (Engineering, Utilities, Zoning, Fire Department, etc.) or per state law may be due at the time of permitting.
  3. Building Department Permit Fees Schedule is subject to change as per approved Village of Wellington Ordinances/Resolution.
  4. All Penalty and Re-Inspection Fees may be subject to review by the Building Official.